Friday, March 9, 2018

Greek parliament throws out Syriza probe request after angry debate

by Kerin Hope

Financial Times

March 9, 2018

Greece’s parliament has thrown out a request by the centre-right opposition for a probe of three health ministers from the ruling Syriza party as tensions mounted in a dispute over alleged bribe-taking by senior politicians.

The New Democracy party made the proposal in retaliation against a parliamentary investigation launched this week of two former prime ministers, the central bank governor, Greece’s current EU commissioner and six former health ministers for allegedly taking bribes from Novartis, the Swiss drugs company.

All 10 politicians have strongly denied the accusations. Several argued the case lacked validity because it was based on second-hand testimony by unnamed protected witnesses.

Lawmakers from Syriza and its coalition partner, Independent Greeks, turned down the opposition proposal in a late night vote after a day of angry debate.


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