Friday, January 15, 2016

The Greek who out-reforms Alexis Tsipras

by Yannis Palaiologos


January 15, 2015

In Greek politics, appearances can be deceptive.

At first glance, Kyriakos Mitsotakis, who won a January 10 contest to lead the center-right New Democracy party, and Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras have little in common. To many, Tsipras embodies change. The 41-year-old is a self-made politician who rose to the top without the help of family connections, and who leads a party that has never before been in power.

Mitsotakis, 47, on the other hand, is the son of a former prime minister, the brother of a former foreign minister and the uncle of one of Greece’s most promising regional governors. He became the leader of the party that formed the first government of the post-junta republic in 1974, and which alternated in power with the center-left PASOK until Tsipras’ Syriza took office in January 2015.

By traditional standards, Tsipras represents the new, Mitsotakis the old.


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