Monday, November 9, 2015

Greece plans a return to capital markets

by Elaine Moore & Kerin Hope

Financial Times

November 9, 2015

Greece is making preparations to rejoin global debt markets less than six months after a stand-off with bailout lenders pushed the country close to a forcible ejection from the eurozone.

Relations between the government and the office responsible for arranging sales of Greek debt broke down earlier this year after Alexis Tsipras, leader of the leftwing Syriza party, was elected in January with vows to move away from the old political regime and end austerity.

However, the situation has eased following the government’s deal with European creditors for a €86bn bailout in July and Greece is now preparing for a market return that could come as early as the first half of next year.

“It won’t be in the first quarter but summer has been talked about,” said a person familiar with the situation. “It depends on a positive chain reaction of events but discussions have been held.”


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