Friday, August 7, 2015

‘No one comes anymore’

by Helen Popper


August 7, 2015

For Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras, the prospect of casting out left-wing comrades may be even harder to stomach than signing the country’s third and harshest bailout.

With a divisive parliamentary vote on the €86 billion rescue package fast approaching, a showdown with rebels in his Syriza party looks inevitable in September, if not sooner. Adding to the pressure, Greece must hammer out a deal with creditors before the next deadline for another loan repayment on August 20.

About a quarter of Syriza’s 149 lawmakers voted against initial bailout legislation and some analysts think an even bigger mutiny is possible when the final text is sent to parliament in the next few weeks.

Of Syriza’s 201-member Central Committee, more than half rejected the July 13 agreement. At the party’s grassroots, there is dismay at Tsipras’ acceptance of fresh austerity measures.


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