Saturday, April 18, 2015

Draghi warns of ‘uncharted waters’ if Greece crisis deteriorates

Financial Times
April 18, 2015

Mario Draghi said the euro area was better equipped than it had been in the past to deal with a new Greek crisis but warned of “uncharted waters” if the situation were to deteriorate badly.

The European Central Bank president called for the resumption of detailed discussions aimed at resolving the country’s debt woes and urged the Greek authorities to bring forward proposals that ensured fairness, growth, fiscal stability, financial stability.

Asked about the risks of contagion from a new flare-up in Greece, he said: “we have enough instruments at this point in time . . . which although they have been designed for other purposes would certainly be used at a crisis time if needed.”

The two tools he referred to were the ECB’s so-called outright monetary transactions, which have never been used, and Quantitative Easing, which the ECB launched in January. He added: “we are better equipped than we were in 2012, 2011 and 2010.”

However Mr Draghi added: “Having said that, we are certainly entering into uncharted waters if the crisis were to precipitate, and it is very premature to make any speculation about it.”


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