Friday, January 2, 2015

Papandreou’s Return to Greek Politics Adds New Wild Card to Election

Wall Street Journal
January 2, 2015

Former Prime Minister George Papandreou announced the creation of a new political party Friday, formally breaking with the once-powerful socialist party, Pasok, that his father founded 40 years ago.

No one expects Mr. Papandreou’s new party, tentatively called Movement for Change, to become a major political force in Greece, with only three weeks to go before a snap election.

But the weight of the family name still draws voters—threatening to siphon support from Pasok as well as the new, leftist Syriza party, which is currently the main opposition party in Parliament. The new party’s goals and candidates have yet to be presented, but could come at a news conference scheduled for Saturday.

“The time has come for the next big step,” Mr. Papandreou said on his website. “The time has come for us to build together the new political home that will house our progressive values, the values that united us in the past and still do.”


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