Tuesday, January 6, 2015

On the Cusp of a Historic Change

by Alexis Tsipras

Huffington Post

January 5, 2015

Greece is on the cusp of a historic change. SYRIZA is no longer just a hope for Greece and the Greek people. It is also an expectation of a change of course for the whole of Europe. Because Europe will not come out of the crisis without a policy change, and the victory of SYRIZA in the 25th of January elections will strengthen the forces of change. Because the dead end in Greece is the dead end of today's Europe.

On January 25th, the Greek people are called to make history with their vote, to trail a space of change and hope of all people across Europe by condemning the failed memoranda of austerity, proving that when people want to, when they dare, and when they overcome fear, then things can change.

The expectations alone of political change in Greece, has already begun to change things in Europe. 2015 is not 2012.


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