Thursday, July 12, 2012

Paul Krugman: The Euro Crisis Will End With Something 'Impossible' Happening

Business Insider
July 12, 2012

In an exclusive interview, Paul Krugman -- who just published a new book titled End This Depression Now! -- tells us how the Euro crisis will end.

He basically sees two possible outcomes, both of which are "impossible."

One possibility is that the ECB aggressively buys peripheral debt and caps the borrowing costs of Spain and Italy, while simultaneously making it clear that they're going to promote "expansionary monetary policies" that boost inflation in Germany and help restore competitiveness between Germany and the periphery.

"That can work... it's still going to be extremely painful," he says.

"Any solution is going to come out of Berlin and Frankfurt... Frankfurt will do the actual lifting, but has to have Berlin's permission."


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