Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Greece may have to choose between the euro and the radical left

by Richard Seymour


July 10, 2012

In this crisis, we have already seen "zombie banks" and "zombie companies"; now Greece has a "zombie government". Before the elections, New Democracy and their coalition partners had pledged to renegotiate elements of the austerity programme outlined in the memorandum of understanding. Predictably, the Troika offered no compromise – having already made it clear that they would not renegotiate. Achieving some mitigation was the government's last chance. Now this cadaverous coalition is defunct, awaiting the day of internment.

So, where now for Syriza? The current Greek government, unstable as it is, is compelled to press ahead. But the left and labour militants have not experienced a significant defeat since the 1970s. This is a recipe for the escalation of a struggle that has included 17 general strikes since 2009, multiple waves of protest, occupations and the indignados. Three times last year, parliament was surrounded. And the radical left parties have all played a key role in organising these struggles.


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