Thursday, June 14, 2012

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June 14, 2012

Sunday's election in Greece is an election like no other. For starters, it is being watched outside the country as closely as it is within its borders. Leaders who might otherwise have registered the result as a footnote are as anxious about what might happen next in Athens as the people on its streets.

Political paralysis in the wake of last month's indecisive poll has spurred politicians who previously would have thought twice about publicising their views to speak out at length about how the Greeks should vote.

None, however, have had the impact of François Hollande, the French president, who has also weighed in.

Three days before the ballot, an exclusive interview with the Greek Mega TV channel – Hollande's first with a foreign news outlet since assuming power – has been as important for its message as the fact that it took place at all (foreign intervention of this kind has been unprecedented since the return of democracy following the collapse of military rule in 1974).


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