Sunday, January 29, 2012

Davos 2012: The unfinished and the unmentionable

by Stephanie Flanders

BBC News

January 29, 2012

could tell you the top two items now on the to-do list for European leaders: fixing the eurozone's financial firewall and finally sealing the deal on Greece.

But there's a second list I'd like to compile after a few days talking to senior leaders and business people here in the mountains. That's the list of fears, lurking on the sidelines, which could come back and bite us, but no-one wants publicly to confront.

Call it the Davos Unmentionables.

Greece was the big one in 2010: I called it the "unattended baggage at the back of the hall, which everyone was nervous about but no-one wanted to be first to open".

This year, the two unmentionables were Portugal and the price of oil.


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