Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Will Greece Destroy the Euro Zone?

New York Times
November 1, 2011

Less than a week after European leaders put a bow on their debt-restructuring plan for Greece, the nation's internal politics have devolved. The prime minister's ruling party is fraying over his call for a referendum on the E.U. debt deal. Will the collapse of the Greek government destroy the euro zone?

"The Euro Will Survive" by Vanessa Rossi (Oxford Analytica)

"Adding to the Uncertainty" by Aristides Hatzis (University of Athens)

"This Could Be the End of the Euro" by Edward Harrison (Credit

"Not Too Late for the Euro's Core" by Desmond Lachman (American Enterprise Institute)

"A Referendum Spells Trouble" by Daniel Gros (Center for European Policy Studies)

"Let the Greeks Save Themselves?" by Veronique de Rugy (George Mason University)


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