Friday, September 30, 2011

Greeks told protests could derail bail-out

Financial Times
September 30, 2011

The head of Greece’s statistical agency has lashed out against a wildcat strike by employees, warning the protest could derail the approval by international lenders of the next tranche of the country’s bail-out loan.

Andreas Georgiou, chairman of Elstat (Hellenic Statistical Agency), told the Financial Times on Friday that he could not provide the figures needed to finalise the 2012 budget because of the walk-out.

“We will miss tonight’s deadline for sending final updated debt and deficit figures for 2010 to Eurostat [the EU statistical agency] because I and my team can’t get into the building to finish the job,” he said.

He said the figures were urgently needed for the troika to recalibrate the draft budget before it goes to parliament on Monday, “but it will take another two to three days of work to complete them”.


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