Thursday, September 29, 2011

Greece should not be forced to act alone

by Elena Panaritis


September 29, 2011

No haircut. No default. Greece will persevere. This is our government's unyielding stance on the current crisis, stressed by the prime minister in Germany this week. He also called on the other eurozone countries to show an equal commitment.

Despite all the talk and speculation, we remain committed to the euro and therefore the terms of troika's lending programme (16 months into it) even by accelerating budget cuts. Most importantly, however, we match austerity measures with much-needed structural reforms.

Of course many people are critical of the painful austerity measures being imposed. Greeks are upset over having to endure higher taxes, harsh wage and pension cuts, public sector redundancies and the squeezing of public services. Yet we all show a tremendous level of persistence and maturity. Will these sacrifices be worth it in the end? Yes they will. We Greeks are already treating the crisis as an opportunity. We all share a vision of change for the better and are sticking with this.


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