Thursday, June 30, 2011

In Greece, the painful start of the first advanced-democracy revolution

by Matina Stevis


June 30, 2011

Athenians have had many worthy – or at least celebrated – interpreters over the last few days, and as the city erupted yesterday, they were hard at work. They were expected to answer questions: "Why are they on the streets?"; "Do they want a default?"; "Can't they see the need to swallow the medicine?"

I was born and raised in Athens. As a journalist on the ground yesterday, one of the country's darkest days in its post-junta history, I had to answer those questions. But I won't here: I write this as an Athenian, not a journalist.

This is a note about what I saw in my city, having arrived from London in the wee hours of the day that the Greek parliament passed a medium-term austerity plan to keep the bloodline of bailout funds flowing in, but that will simultaneously bleed the economy out.


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